PastureWise was founded in 2007 by Stuart Kemp and has provided independent R&D and consulting services to a wide range of pasture focussed companies and organisations.  Clients have included seed companies, fertiliser and chemical companies, universities and Rural Development corporations.

PastureWise has invested significantly in leading edge technology such as a small plot forage harvester, small plot and mobile seeding equipment, drying ovens, freeze dryer and sample grinders.


Targeted investments have ensured that PastureWise delivers to its clients a unique, efficient and effective service underpinned by rigorous science and over 20 years of experience with pasture trials.  PastureWise has played lead roles in a range of projects which often involve multi-disciplinary teams of people from both government organisations and private companies.  These include the National Pasture Variety Trial program, Pasture Reviews, Pasture Endophyte-Animal production trials, Survey of Insect Pests of SE Australia and field based endophyte evaluation.